Market Like a Boss Group Coaching

Market Like a Boss Group Coaching

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Have you wasted money on courses and programs that made big promises, but have gotten you nowhere?

Sadly, many coaching programs offer great information, but they leave you hanging when it comes time to put the ideas into action. I've come across so many women who have invested in small DIY courses or programs that don't have the accountability and support they need to actually follow through and get results.

Not Market Like a Boss. You'll get step-by-step guidance and direction on how to bring in clients - and then support and accountability as you go out there and get those clients like the boss you are. I'm not the kind of coach that drops in once and awhile to say hi. I go deep with my clients and when I show up, I SHOW up.

Let me ask you: what if you didn't HAVE to feel scattered and like you're grasping at straws to get clients? What if you could have a team of ladies who are INVESTED in helping you grow your business? How much MORE could you accomplish?

You won't find that kind of support and accountability in a free Facebook group. There's a reason the ladies in the Market Like a Boss program are doing BIG things...launching new programs, fine-tuning their audience, bringing in new clients (one of the ladies hit her first $20K month!), getting confident in what they're offering for the first time EVER, and more! 

This can be your reality. A reality where you don't have to hope and pray a client finds their way to you. A reality where you know exactly where your clients will come from. A reality where you're booked out months in advance and can take time off to spend with your family.

You are capable of so much MORE than you realize. You get to write your success story. There are no rules or guidelines. I'm committed to helping you figure out how to get clients in a way that feels right for YOU.

With Market Like a Boss you will:

  • Learn how & where to find your target audience so you can attract the right clients with ease (less time searching for clients = more time enjoying life)

  • Learn how to communicate your VALUE so that you can bring in clients who will pay what you're worth (you're not like everyone else...but you already knew that, right?)

  • Understand which activities actually bring in clients so you can free up time to spend it however you want!

  • Create content that makes your audience fall in love with you (and hand over their credit cards!)

  • Get your mindset right so you can market yourself with confidence and crush your goals

  • Get accountability and support from other women solopreneurs just like you so that you can keep moving toward your goals, even during the tough times (good-bye lonely solopreneur life)

Life is too short to run a business that you don't enjoy. Let's help you fall back in love with your business again, shall we?

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